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We also have an Online Dating Site covering the whole of the UK for those too busy to attend our big singles parties in London with optional mass speed dating on a Saturday.

We have a General site which covers all ages so you can search within your age range even if on the younger end. There is also a Senior Site for those looking for a relationship and an Adult site for those just looking for some fun. Go to https://www.contactsingles.co.uk/dating or just click on the Online Dating button at the top of our site.

How do I join Contact Singles?

Simply email your full name and mobile to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or text us at Contact Singles on 07809 709099 with your full name and email. We are a members' club and we require details for attendance at events.  We are very aware of The Data Protection Act so your details are not passed to any third parties. We do not have a box which you tick saying you are agreeing to any terms or conditions so you can be sure that this promise is genuine. Alternatively you can just book an event via the booking area and text name with year of birth to 07809 709099 once booked. There is no need to also fill in the join form as details are confirmed when you book


Is there a Membership Fee that I have to pay in order for me to attend your singles events in London?

There isn't any charge to join our singles club in London. Once you have supplied your details you only pay for the events you wish to attend.


What is the dress code at your London Singles Club?

Please see the Dress Code page.  Basically we are only asking for Smart/Casual. Not too casual though guys or ladies are just not impressed.  We ask for smart jeans (no rips) and smart shirt, smart shoes and blazer type jacket if you wish to wear a jacket inside the venue for your belongings. No t shirts, jumpers or trainers at any events please as this really does look as if you have not made the effort.


What are the formats for your London singles events?

We have the soft background music whilst introducing everyone from the start of the event until the party starts with DJ. The Socialising Circle for later 20s, 30s and 40s is optional. We will also introduce 50s+ members. The party with DJ is open to the whole age range.


Are members genuinely single?

As we are a members' club and we take details to join, we assume people are unattached at the time of attending events. We do keep in touch with our members by email and text so we know if the details supplied are accurate as everyone confirms their email and home address when they book and they confirm their mobile when they text through to 07809 709099.


Is the number of males/females attending events balanced?

We ask for prepayment for our events so we can ensure that there is a male/female balance.


Will it be alright for me to come alone to your events?

We concentrate on introducing at our events. We have a team of us running each event, always dedicating to introducing. If a member comes alone we initially introduce members in mixed groups, including ladies to other ladies who come alone and even men to other men. Obviously we are aiming to introduce members to people of the opposite gender but it always helps to make new social friends.

We also have a female networking service where we can put ladies in touch with other ladies living in their area and this means you could even travel into an event with another member. There isn't any charge for this service, so let us know when you join if you would like to add your name to the networking list.


How do I find out more about your London singles events and what are your charges?

Text full name to us at Contact Singles, along with your email address to 07809 709099 and we can send you information


What is the cancellation deadline?

Cancellation is by 12 noon the Tuesday before the event when we have an opportunity to take a replacement. Sometimes the cancellation deadline is earlier for major events. The cancellation deadline will also be stated on the confirmation email that you are sent when you book. Remember if we have sold out earlier in the week and we tell people we are full, we sometimes need to contact ten people on the waiting list to find just one person who is still available. If cancelled by this deadline we do not make a refund but we can hold over a credit for another event. This credit is non transferable to another person unless their details have been confirmed by 12 noon the day before the event. We request that if you wish to bring somebody else on the night other than the person who is booked, to please call us before you set off, as we require confirmed details beforehand for registration and we may be able to do this before you arrive, as we may not be able to do this on the night at the venue.


What is the average age range at your events?

Most members are between 30 to late 50s at the Saturday functions. Obviously members younger or older than this are welcome, but the majority joining seem to fall between 35 - 55. We average 300 and will possibly reach higher than this at The Fable in the City as the capacity is bigger over the two/three floors. Thus there should be enough within the age range of interest to you and especially if you are from 30s to 50s. It is advisable to book early as we reach maximum numbers. Our events are promoted on 6 Meet Up groups, Skiddle, Event Brite, Design My Night, All Events, Facebook, Google as well as our existing database of the most cosmopolitan mix of sociable singles in London.  Also our first Instagram account, which we started recently - contact.singles

We have been going since 1994, so we already have a big following.